Growing up a wrestling fan my brother and I would watch almost daily…

    Collecting DVD’s and giving our mother a heart attack by jumping off things, copying moves from our favourite WWE Superstars. This was all fun and games for us, for many professionals it results in siblings going further to take on & take over pro wrestling. Throughout the years we have seen plenty of real-life siblings break out in the industry and today we are going to be paying closer attention to those blood relatives within the wrestling world counting down some of the best wrestling siblings of the past decade.

    There is simply no denying that Jimmy and Jey Uso are one of the best tag teams in the world today. The multi-time champions have been standouts within the WWE tag team division for the best part of the past decade, colliding with an array of teams and creating fantastic memorable bouts. As the sons of Rikishi, the two have always been destined for great things in the industry and while it may have taken them a while to truly win fans over, their changes in their character and personas over the past couple of years have really taken them to the next level, as they prove time and time again tag team wrestling is far from dead in the WWE. Charisma, wrestling ability and a legendary wrestling family name in the Fatus, the Usos are one of the best in the wrestling scene today and have unbeatable connection as twins.

    The Lucha Brothers are honestly one of my personal favourite tag teams in the wrestling today. Bringing Lucha Libre back to life, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix have added new life to the style of pro wrestling we all know & love, having created more story and hype than any other Lucha Libre star arguably since Rey Mysterio. Their fresh take on things has put them in the spotlight massively and while they have dominated the tag team scene wherever they go. whether it be IMPACT Wrestling or AEW, the two stars have also stood out as singles competitors. Pentagon (Under numerous names) was highlighted as major main event star both in Lucha Underground and IMPACT wrestling. Fenix was a standout on his own also growing in popularity, specifically with incredible matches in PWG and winning fans over wherever he goes. The pair continue to shine within the wrestling world and there is still so much more to come from both men.

    Okay okay, hear me out. Whilst The Bella Twins have been controversial throughout their WWE careers, to say the least, there is no denying what Nikki and Brie have done for the women’s division and the impact they have made for future generations. From creating a new level of popularity for the women’s division at the time to major storylines to creating an impact as a tag team when the women’s division didn’t even have a tag team division the pair became stars. Their rivalry was a highlight for both their careers while Nikki Bella proved to be a standout in WWE Women’s division by having the longest WWE Divas championship reign of all time, coming down to the final two in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble and main eventing the first-ever all women’s PPV. For Brie, her likability won fans over, a women’s champion in her own right and a role within the Daniel Bryan vs Authority role took her to a new place in her career and gave her a new spotlight. The Bella Twins have been at the heart of the women’s division despite their controversy and while they may not be technical geniuses in the ring they have for sure made an impact. Future WWE Hall of Famers indeed.

    No one has quite been able to turn their career around the way Cody Rhodes has. At the heart of AEW he has created something completely new and upped the competition in a way we could not have predicted. Alongside him is older brother Dustin Rhodes, who I personally grew up a big fan of! The pair have gone face to face in an AEW classic and the Match of the Year in 2019, while also competing in brilliant tag team competition. Prior to AEW however, in the WWE they may not have always been treated the way they deserved and got the booking they should have, they had their highlight moments and regardless Dustin Rhodes is a true veteran and future Hall of Famer despite his burnt bridges with the WWE. Dustin has had an incredible career and he shows no signs of slowing down just yet. These two men are at the heart of AEW today, their passion and fire are truly unlike anything else. As their Daddy once said, Get a dream, hold on to it and shoot for the sky.

    Is there really a sibling duo quite as iconic as The Hardy Boyz? Growing up totally obsessed with these guys, I remember me and my brother pretending to be Matt and Jeff in the garden or jumping off our beds (almost killing each other!) Oh, the childhood memories. Matt and Jeff have been incredibly influential in so many wresting fans lives and continue to be exactly that for a new generation. Standouts in their singles careers as well as a tag team, both former World Champions in different promotions with Jeff Hardy becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a short period of time, the pair have been leading faces in the world of tag team wrestling for literal decades now. We have seen Matt and Jeff work around the world for different promotions, we have seen character changes, one on one collisions and multiple tag team title reigns and for many, they are true all-time favourites and future Hall of Famers.

    And to conclude we have The Young Bucks. There is no denying that Matt and Nick Jackson are one of the best tag teams in the world and have been dominating the tag team scene for several years now. Their thrilling action-packed moves comes straight out of a video game and sets them apart from everyone else, during their careers so far have already been apart of so many iconic matches and storylines. Remember Generation Me Vs Motor Ccity Machine Guns?

    They are one of the most talked-about tag teams in the wrestling world today and their alliances have put them centre stage, such as the Bullet Club and The Elite. There, of course, is still so much to come from Matt and Nick and with their popularity and status already so high its very exciting to think of what is still to come from these two men. A crucial part of AEW going forward, they didn’t need the multiple year WWE Contracts to get to where they are today and they haven’t ruled out a few matches for New Japan in the future either…

    Throughout the years we have seen so many amazing sibling teams take over the wrestling world and the names above are just some who have stood out the most over the past decade. Family blood in wrestling is something very special indeed and who knows what new brothers and sisters will come together to find their place on a list like this year over in the next decade. Perhaps we’ll see another instance of the Bella Twins in 20 years times? It’s very possible…

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