Last week on SmackDown, Sheamus announced that he will soon be returning to the WWE. 

    He talked about how he is ready to take over the blue brand’s talent with his physicality. He was vocal about his displeasure at the current situation on SmackDown and announced that he is going to make the brand his. He also went on to name drop “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, King Corbin, and Shorty G. 

    The Celtic Warrior has been dealing with nagging injuries for a while and missed the past couple of months of WWE but now he has healed and is ready to return to the ring. 

    So let’s take a look at four possible feuds that Sheamus could be involved in after his return. 

    While calling out the SmackDown locker room in the vignette, Sheamus mentioned Shorty G which makes him a suitable choice for a future feud. Shorty G, formerly known as Chad Gable, is a top babyface on the blue brand and if WWE is going the heel route with Sheamus, then it would make sense that his first feud should be with someone like Shorty G. 

    Shorty G is on a roll recently and getting him involved in a feud with a top Superstar like Sheamus will do wonders for the star. G is fresh off from a feud with King Corbin following the King of the Ring tournament, and getting involved in a programme with Sheamus will help increase his popularity. 

    The second name that Sheamus name-dropped on his promo was King Corbin. While Corbin is in a rivalry with Roman Reigns, we could see Sheamus getting into it with Corbin as he has also won King of the Ring back in 2010. Before even making his debut, Sheamus mocked the king, already setting up a way to start a rivalry.

    The two have never faced each other before, so it would be interesting to see two kings fight it out for the first time in the ring. Since Sheamus wants to get to the top of the game quickly, challenging someone red-hot like Corbin will be a great start for the journey. 

    Sheamus’ former partner of The Bar, Cesaro, can be a very interesting pick as Sheamus’ first rival after his return. The two started with a feud back in 2016, and then went on to become Tag Team Champions five times together. 

    The Bar was absolutely dominating the tag team division but the duo had to split up due to Sheamus’ need to take some time off. This could be potentially used as a reason to kickstart a rivalry between the two best friends. 

    Cesaro is not really involved in any proper storylines and getting him into a programme with Sheamus seems like the best route to take. It will allow the stars to elevate their stock on the blue brand. 

    Shinsuke Nakamura, the current Intercontinental Champion, is in dire need of a good feud and getting him involved with Sheamus can make for an interesting storyline. Both Superstars have a strong style of wrestling, so it would be fun to watch a brutal match between the two. 

    While Sheamus has won pretty much every title in WWE, he hasn’t captured the Intercontinental Championship yet. If WWE decides to get Sheamus in a feud with Nakamura, his return would make a good impact as he wins the title from Nakamura. 

    Nakamura, who is in an alliance with Sami Zayn, can provide some interesting stuff to watch with their heel strategies. Maybe it’s finally time for Sheamus to become a Grand Slam Champion?

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