The biggest event of the wrestling year. The biggest matches. The biggest stars. The culmination of the year’s WWE storylines. The grandest stage of them all.

    It’s WrestleMania.

    WrestleMania is known for being a “showcase of the immortals”, but to me, it’s also a showcase of fashion. I know that probably sounds weird, but on the biggest night of their working year, the superstars have the opportunity to take their attire to a whole new level and make a real statement.

    Different colours. Different styles. Tributes to those that have inspired them in their careers. A chance to be remembered. It all happens at WrestleMania.

    Some people remember whole matches from WrestleMania.

    Some people remember moments.

    Part of what helps me remember moments is remembering what the superstars wore.

    Bearing in mind I’ve only been rewatching WWE for the last 5 or so years, when I think of standout WrestleMania attires, there are a few that spring to mind.

    Charlotte at WM32 (blue robe, paying homage to Ric Flair’s iconic blue robe from WM24, the year he retired)

    Sasha Banks at WM32 (red tights and boots in tribute to Eddie Guerrerro)

    Seth Rollins at WM33 (gold and black for his match with HHH)

    Charlotte Flair at WM34 (all gold everything, like the true queen she is)

    Which leads us to this year. Which superstars had the standout gear of Wrestlemania 35 and why? Here are my top 5.

    1. AJ Styles

    AJ generally wears black and blue ring gear but does usually step outside the box for WrestleMania and this year was no exception. AJ has had gear with white and different colours before but I’ve never seen the combination of black, white and gold but I really liked it. I think his tights looked slightly more sparkly than usual and who doesn’t love a man that can embrace some sparkle?

    2. Rey Mysterio

    Rey has had many comic/superhero inspired attires over the years. This year he went with Mysterio, the Spider-Man villain. The attention to detail was incredible, each part of green on his outfit looked like individual scales. Like all Rey Mysterio themed attires, this one really hit the nail on the head.

    3. The Iiconics

    They both had Maleficent inspired looks. Billie Kay’s black studded bodysuit and headpiece left you in no doubt that Maleficent was her muse and the red lipstick completed the look. Peyton Royce wore large black feathered wings to the ring and had Eddie Guerrero inspired brightly coloured flames on her tights.

    4. The Divas Of Doom

    As TWM’s own notable Welshman Mike Mears is always the first to point out, you’re not a real tag team unless you have matching gear. Natalya has consistently had black and pink gear throughout her career in homage to her father and uncle, so it was nice that Beth matched with her. They both wore pink and black bodysuits but still stood out with their individual trademark looks – Natalya’s cat ears and Beth’s headband.

    5. Charlotte Flair

    A beautiful lilac colour, which is, of course, a shade of purple. The match was winner take all for both women’s titles, red and blue. Do you know what colour you get when you mix red and blue? Purple. I have no idea if it was meant to be a metaphor or not but that’s what I took from it. She just “gets” big match looks.

    I asked some fellow TWM staff what they thought of this year’s gear, and here’s what they said.

    Matty: I enjoyed The Iiconics, coz it was simple yet fancy.

    Peter: Iiconics – it just really stood out as a WrestleMania level attire, more than any other outfit choice and it was inspired by Maleficent which I really liked.

    Kym: Rey Mysterio because he was dressed like Mysterio out of the Spider-Man comics.

    Joe: Enjoyed Lashley’s contacts. Not sure what the reference was, but the fight fire with fire idea (to counteract The Demon) was cool in theory.

    What do you think? Is there anyone I missed off the list of Wrestlemania 35s greatest outfits?