WON Hall of Fame 2023: Seven new inductees into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter have been revealed, with some key names missing out on the honor. The results of the Hall of Fame vote were announced in the 11/17/23 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    Thousands of Wrestling Observer subscribers have cast their votes for the upcoming inductees into the hall of fame. Inductees Kazuchika Okada from the previous year, Tomohiro Ishii, a current NJPW star, and six more wrestling icons are joining him this year.

    The seven inductees into the WON Hall of Fame 2023 are;

    • Antonino Rocca & Miguel Pérez
    • Beauty pair
    • Sgt. Slaughter
    • Jerry and Jack Briscoe
    • Tomohiro Ishii
    • Blue Panther
    • George Kidd

    The Young Bucks and CM Punk were two significant figures that were not inducted into the Hall of Fame. While CM Punk received only 44% of the vote, the Young Bucks received 55% of the vote (60% of the vote is required to be inducted into the Hall of Fame).

    The WON Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of professional wrestling. Inductees are chosen based on their impact on the industry, their in-ring performances, contributions behind the scenes, and other relevant criteria. The Hall of Fame has two categories: the “wrestlers” category, which includes in-ring performers, and the “non-wrestlers” category, which includes managers, promoters, and other influential figures in the wrestling business.

    The process of selecting inductees involves votes from a panel of wrestling journalists, historians, and industry insiders. Inductions typically take place annually, and the list of Hall of Fame members is considered one of the most prestigious in the wrestling community.