What with the potential and possibly impending return to wrestling at AEW Rampage: The First Dance. CM Punk has had a huge “What If?’’ floating just above that head of his. What if CM Punk wrestled this person? How about that person? We might get to see those matches very soon! What with 7 years away from the ring there has been some doubts if he still has it? I guess time will tell… But for now, Five Matches that should wet your whistle before AEW Rampage: The First Dance… And 4 Outside of the WWE.


    A super great and hard-hitting match between 2 guys that have had many top-drawer feuds before arriving at this specific destination, what with punks matches with raven and homicides with Corino it really lit a fire under the prospect of this match. They had actually met twice before this with Punk coming up short in both of those matches. This whole thing began after Punk vs Joe’s world title match.

    Then who should arrive? but homicide disrespecting them both and proceeding to steal Samoa joe’s title, when homicide arrived for his match with punk, he had Rocky Romero in his corner donning the title. Me describing it here just won’t do it any justice seek it out and watch it.


    These two had quite the history before meeting at Death Before Dishonor way back in 2003. They had basically been feuding with one another since Raven rocked up to ROH, probably because of what they both stood for, one being a straight edge savant and the other, almost unapologetically completely different, by fully living on the edge, mortgage and all that jazz. Raven found himself struggling to get a decisive victory over the Punk.

    So, the way to settle this? (For the moment I should add) a dog collar match. What with a good Run time of over 18 minutes I highly suggest you hunt this match down and give it a watch. Great storytelling, very well-paced and just a bloody good time.

    CM PUNK VS JEFF HARDY – SmackDown [AUGUST 28TH 2009]

    These two had quite the feud leading up to this match with the title being juggled between the pair of them, Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Hardy just as he defeated edge in a hard-fought ladder match. Hardy then captured belt back from Punk at Night of Champions 2009 and Punk would win it back from the charismatic enigma at that year Summerslam.

    Again, you have to believe that this feud was birthed from the fact that they are essentially the opposites of each other, what with hardy’s issues in the past and punks straight edge nature. It’s just the perfect ingredients for a tasty rivalry.

    So seemingly the feud ender for these two would be a really great cage match on the August 28th episode of smackdown. Both seemingly beat up as hardy ambled down to the ring before the ambush from a punk who himself was bandaged up, Summerslam being 5 days before this match you would assume they might not be able to deliver… but these two were truly on the top of their game and didn’t skip a beat. If you have the WWE network / Peacock I’d suggest hunting this one down. Some of their finest work.


    The First Dance? Sorta. Punk Vs. Mysterio Vs. Guerrero never happens again. A weird time period for all 3 men but what an amazing match on paper! The then-champion CM Punk had the chance to face off against two of the absolute best to ever do it. Mysterio would go on to actually sign for WWE 5 months after this match and Guerrero himself was getting some excellent matches under his belt after his release from WWE due to issues with alcohol.

    Guerrero and Mysterio just 5 years before were absolutely tearing it up over on WCW producing some of the best cruiserweight matches ever. (seriously) although saying that there was looming custody of a child ladder match in their futures…. anyway. The match. Punk had a lot to prove coming into this match as this was still fairly early in his wrestling journey, and boy did this match deliver. So do yourself a favour go and watch this match! And last but certainly not least…

    CM PUNK VS HERO “When Hero Met Punk” Event 2003

    The last on my list is an absolute classic. Punk vs Hero, this match was held with the IWA – MidSouth promotion and it was a 2-3 falls match, Wrestling is an art they say. Well, if that’s the case then Punk/Hero etc. during this period, were the masters of the avant-garde movement. They intentionally tried to break the mould.

    The matches produced were really unique and different with an almost twisted sister- We’re Not Gonna Take It kind of way.

     Of course, we now know the guys featured in this match wrestling in front of a few people would go on entertain thousands of people in some truly outstanding matches. Do you know what else is crazy about this match? It lasts for OVER 90 minutes!? That’s insane. But trust me, it was like a car crash. I just couldn’t look away the whole time. True rulers of the game cemented them as two of the greatest and delivering on the prospect of a fantastic match by giving us one of the best….in my opinion. Not The First Dance or even Last Dance

    So, I’d do myself a solid and go and brush up on the Pepsi man before potentially seeing him pop up somewhere soon….