Fans love pyro. We are, for all intent and purposes, pyromaniacs. In fact, most wrestling fans love pyro more than the actual wrestling. And, as it has now made a return in a BIG way – after nearly 10 years of weekly pyro drought – I’m taking a look at the five biggest pyro moments and wrestler entrances, which also happen to be some of my favourite moments. And, as I called it in the TWM staff group – Here’s my Top Five Big Boom Booms.

    5. Shane McMahon Sends Kane Straight To Hell
    Top Five Big Boom Booms

    Technically this wasn’t an entrance, it was more of an exit – but it’s still cool. The year is 2003, and Shane McMahon is looking to defend his mother Linda’s honour after Kane had tombstoned the life out of her. He was also looking to get revenge on the newly unmasked demon of doom after he literally electrocuted the balls of the boyhood billionaire LIVE on television.

    So, a few weeks later, it was Shane vs Chris Jericho in the main event on Raw and Kane (with a stupid towel on his head) interrupted mid-match and tried to further destroy Shane. And he did, for a while. But just five minutes later, the pair found themselves outside the arena…conveniently near a massive skip of flammable materials. THERE WAS EVEN A SIGN ON THE WALL TO SAY IT WAS FLAMMABLE.

    But the demon and the rich kid didn’t notice. Kane tried to thrown Shane in, failed. Kane threw seven conveniently place gas cannisters into the skip, set it on fire and tried to throw Shane in, too. BUT NO, Shane fought back and Kane went boom boom in the flames. Funny side note: It was dark outside the arena not 30 minutes beforehand, yet broad daylight when this took place. Anyway, Kane survived and went on to be Mayor of Knox County. Inspirational stuff.

    4. Randy Orton’s Golden Shower
    Top Five Big Boom Booms

    Pre-Randy Orton hearing voices in his head – they talk to him, you know? – he was the legend killer. And the legend killer needed some legendary pyro to go with his also legendary theme song Burn In My Light by Mercy Drive. The gold shimmering wall of pyro behind, coupled with the iconic Orton pose became synonymous with the 2003-2005 era of WWE.

    The golden boy had golden pyro. Part of me longs for that Randy Orton to return, rather than the Voices version that doesn’t do all that much these days – although he is, without a doubt, a true legend of the business. Maybe a future superstar could take up the legend killer mantle, using Orton as the first victim?

    3. The Dudley’s Drop The Bombshell
    Top Five Big Boom Booms

    The Dudley Boys were always brilliant. ECW, WWE, TNA – always a top draw tag team. And they had iconic pyro, too. Nobody can forget the missile-style pyro bomb flying from the arena roof onto the entrance ramp. It was something that always got a HUGE pop when it debuted around 2001. It’s also hard to listen to their theme song without hearing the explosion in your head.

    It was another one of those era-defining pyro moments, as it made them stand out even more from a tag team division that deserved more respect. They never really had pyro in TNA, which was a shame as it was part of the grandeur of one of, if not the best team to ever grace a ring.

    2. We All Miss Lesnar’s Jumpy Explosion
    Top Five Big Boom Booms

    BRRRRROCK LESNAR had awesome ring pyro, shooting from all four corners of the ring. It was timed perfectly with his jump up onto the ring apron. It was a fantastic moment at Wrestlemania 19 – the one where he shooting star pressed himself nearly through the ring. It gave this already intimidating beast that extra bit of bang as he entered his domain. I still long for that to return, as his jump up onto the apron looks kind of pathetic nowadays. (Please don’t hunt me down and kill me for saying that…I love you Brock).

    Top Five Big Boom Booms

    Head bang on the locker room door. Security bringing him to the ring. SPARKS FLYING EVERYWHERE. Smoke snorted like a dragon. Come on, Goldberg’s entrance was both iconic and legendary. Add in the kick bangs sparks, and it was such a fantastically done entrance. One of WCW’s better ideas. You just knew that whoever was facing Goldberg that night was getting their arse kicked. And they always did.

    Shout out to Gillberg who had some hilarious sparklers for his entrance, too.

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