The “biggest event” of the summer has long been an annual tradition within the WWE and it’s had more than its fair share of classic moments and matches.  But there are hundreds of lists out there of the matches that everyone remembers (Bret/Mr P from 1991, Bret/Davey from 1992, Shawn/Razor from 1995, Shawn/HHH from 2002 etc).  What I’m here to do is trawl the archives and come up with ten matches from SummerSlam history that you may have forgotten. 

    This is not meant to be a “Best of” or anything that strictly defined.  It’s just ten matches you might either have never seen if you’re a newer fan, or forgot existed if you’re a longer-term fan.  All have an entertainment value that are well worth a moment or two of your time (especially if you have access to the WWE Network).

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