Twitter CEO Elon Musk challenged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight in his recent tweet. Elon Musk has a carefree attitude on social media and posts some of the funniest memes on Twitter. His tweets entertain his followers every time, and this time around, Musk wanted to take things inside the octagon with Mark Zuckerberg… and maybe it had fellow billionaire Vince McMahon and the new TKO company – propping up his ears for a potential megabucks fight at WrestleMania 40! So, here’s the latest Elon Musk Vs. Mark Zuckerberg odds!

    In response, Musk promptly provided the address of the proposed venue, declaring, “Vegas Octagon”. As news of the potential cage fight spread, it generated a considerable amount of divided support from fans of both individuals. Many eagerly anticipated the outcome, fervently cheering for their respective favourites…

    Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg find themselves engaged in an ongoing verbal battle that shows no signs of abating. The tension between them has escalated notably since the recent introduction of the Threads app. Both individuals have resorted to taking jabs at one another through online platforms. However, the situation has taken a more personal turn, as Musk recently referred to Zuckerberg as a ‘cuck’ in his latest post.

    Meanwhile, Twitter has threatened Meta over Threads being developed by former Twitter employees. In a letter to Zuckerberg last week, Twitter stated that the company hired former Twitter employees with sensitive company information. The letter suggests this helped Meta to build its Twitter alternate, Threads. Meta denies these allegations and notes that the Threads team does not include any former Twitter employees.

    Wildly, the fight seems to be on as Zuckerberg has been training every day with professionals and recently he even expressed his desire to train with the legendary grappler Gordon Ryan to further polish his skills! We can see him getting some training from the likes of Ken Shamrock one day soon…

    Meanwhile, Musk has not been messing around as he, too, was seen training with the former MMA star Georges St-Pierre (GSP) earlier this month.

    It must be noted that legendary UFC fighter Conor McGregor also stated that he would personally help Musk in training against Zuckerberg if the fight takes place in the Octagon.

    “I’m interested,” McGregor told the Daily Mail. “Are they gonna go ahead with it? Are they gonna make it happen? “If it happens under the UFC banner, I’m with it. It has to happen under the UFC banner,” he added.