Booker T discussed CM Punk possibly returning to the ring during a recent edition of the Hall of Fame Podcast.

    On how Punk left the business in a way that he may not want to remember: “CM Punk, he left the business, I don’t think, the way he wants to remember at the end of the day, I left the business that way. Be that as it may, people can say whatever they want to say about Punk, he was a big asset to the business and he was hot, he was red hot when he walked away from this thing. You don’t ever want to think that’s the way you walked away from the game.”

    On how Punk doesn’t seem to hate the wrestling business: “He still has a lot to offer. To finish it and be able to look at it one day and say, ‘Man, I was pretty good.’ As oppose to saying, ‘Man, I hate this,’ when you know you love it. He wouldn’t be doing Backstage if he didn’t still love the business. He wouldn’t want to talk about it or think about any of those stories if he hated this. So that can’t be it.”

    On who he’d like to see Punk face if he returns to wrestling: “It’s only one or two guys for me. One of them is AJ of course. AJ can go out and get everything out of Punk that Punk will be looking for.”

    “The guy for me who is the worker, that’s AJ Styles. I pick AJ because AJ is one of those guys, he’s at a level in the business where he knows everything about it, and that’s very important when a guy is coming back, trying to get back into it, because things have changed a whole lot.”

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