In an update on Daniel Bryan’s (Bryan Danielson) current standing with the WWE following his loss to Roman Reigns on Friday’s episode which would “Banish Daniel Bryan from Smackdown”, a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select notes that Bryan’s contract either expired in the last week, or was set to expire following the loss to Reigns, while Bryan has not spoken openly about his contract status.

    The report notes that while this does not mean that Daniel Bryan (Danielson) is leaving the WWE, has not re-signed since or that he won’t work for WWE without being under contract, there was no talk of any particular farewells backstage at Friday’s SmackDown. Bryan has been vocal in recent interviews about attempting to re-work his WWE contract to allow him to work for independent wrestling promotions as well as the WWE.

    It should be interesting to note that internally, Bryan is no longer listed as part of the active WWE roster, while on a public basis his profile has been moved to the online section on WWE’s official website.

    Additionally, a report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer notes that the company are said to be pushing hard to sign Bryan to a new deal.