Despite his recent injury, the NXT Universe is still buzzing and talking about all things Dexter Lumis.

    The fresh new talent and former IMPACT wrestling star is one of the most exciting future prospects in the WWE and is destined for great things but what truly makes him so special? Why has the tortured artist gone from newcomer to the future face of the company? Well, today we are looking into Lumis and his future, discussing why he is most certainly one of the next big things in the WWE and what we can expect from him in the coming weeks, months and years!

    Dexter Lumis is no stranger to the world of pro wrestling, competing across the independent scene and growing in popularity during his time in IMPACT Wrestling. Working an intense unique character, his TNA days are most memorable for his stalker storyline alongside Christy Hemme. It is here we saw the true depths of his charisma and ability to portrayal a convincing and entertaining character, but fans never really did see just how far he could go, and his in-ring talents pushed to the limits. While we saw standout moments during this time of his career it was only a glimpse into his true potential, and it would not be until his signing with the WWE that wrestling fans would learn the level of star potential the Florida born star possesses.

    As someone who was aware of Lumis prior to signing with the WWE, I was super excited to see him join the NXT roster and interested to see how far he would go, however, I was not expecting to see him make such a huge impact so quickly! Unlike other recent signings, Lumis did not join after years competing in Japan or working as a major Indie star yet it did not take long at all for Lumis to find himself on the weekly product and growing in popularity very quickly and effectively. What separated him apart from everyone else instantly was his character work. The WWE has kept things simple but effective, with Dexter and has tapped into what has made him such a success prior to signing. Keeping that intense persona, dark, unique, and haunting in his own way, Lumis doesn’t portray much or in fact any emotion. He’s a man of mystery, fans never really know what to expect from him and it’s been incredibly entertaining to watch! From how he enters the ring to the way in which he stalks and attacks his prey, it sets him apart and can often be compared to SmackDown’s Fiend. That in itself is a dream match as the pair share that intensity, fearlessness, and haunting presences over their opponents.

    There is no one who is truly like Lumis on the NXT roster and he is bringing something different to the table. There can be no denying the potential and depths the WWE could take his character to.

    Now, as we mentioned, things have moved surprisingly fast for Lumis since joining the NXT roster impressing fans and evidently higher ups within the WWE. Colliding with the Undisputed Era gave Lumis the extra push and took him to a whole new level that saw him go from talent with serious potential to a man fans are rooting to see as a future champion. In particular, his work alongside Roderick Strong again highlighted the depths of Dexter’s character and the creative potential but also his in-ring skill. Having such a powerful persona, it can be easy to just see that side of him and not focus so much on his in-ring talent but Lumis has managed to work several standout performances and collisions with Strong in particular that again put him on notice.

    What makes Lumis so special is his unpredictability. His image is one thing but when stepping in the ring there is no truly knowing as to what to expect from him and continues to surprise fans. Stalking his prey and executing a submission hold that’s fitting to his character and style, he manages to captivate the audience in a unique way. Lumis has a diverse move set that shows he can punish with submission holds, use his strength to his advantage but also work agile moments that showcase his impressive athleticism and speed. This hybrid style means there are multiple dream matches awaiting Lumis that could show different elements of his in-ring talents.Standout in ring performances for Lumis include the first ever strap match in NXT and the recent triple threat match involving Finn Balor and Timothy Thatcher. Lumis causing Thatcher to pass out is impressive, considering the style of Thatcher and how he has been pushed

    Of course, it was during that awesome triple threat that unfortunately Lumis suffered an injury taking him out of the up and coming North American Championship ladder match. Now, there is no doubt that the injury will not set him back, considering his popularity and unique place on the roster. If anything, the injury could very well be a blessing in disguise. Whoever walks out of Takeover 30 the new North American Champion can sure expect to collide with Lumis at some point, for he is most certainly going to be looking for the shot at the championship he originally earned. There are several rivalries and storylines that cater perfectly to Lumis and his character with several superstars sure to bring out new sides to Dexter’s in ring talents. Stepping back inside the squared circle with Timothy Thatcher following the conclusion to the triple threat match, as well as meeting with the winner of the North American Championship ladder match make for just a couple of potential angles but while he seems destined to hold the North American Championship, could there be a different path awaiting him?

    As we have touched on today, the WWE has given Lumis a surprising push and there really is no predicting just what will be next for him. While Lumis is a talent that does not truly need a title to boost his character more he is a worthy star who could bring so much to the scene as a champion and that includes NXT champion. It may be a while before we see that happen but just imagine a future storyline involving Lumis and Karrion Kross? The stuff of dreams, right? The collision between the two stars has serious potential and the elements of the storyline could make for something incredibly new and refreshing.

    There can be no denying the impact Dexter Lumis has made. The up and coming star has connected with fans and proven himself to be a unique talent with plenty to deliver in terms of his in-ring skills and captivating character. While his current injury is a massive shame and possibly effected a big moment in his career, there is no denying Lumis is sure to bounce back. Upon his return we could be looking at a future champion about to go from dark horse to top dog.