Football-mad Scottish WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has declared that he wants to see Wrestlemania take place in the UK.

    Now, while this is nothing new, the die-hard Rangers fan has told the Glasgow Times that he would even settle for it to take place at the home of his club’s biggest rivals Celtic.

    He said: “The UK pay-per-view is something on my list of top five things to try and get done as WWE champion. I’ve talked about it with a few people and fingers crossed we can get wheels in motion. The UK deserve it, we’ve got the big fan base and there’d be so much buzz. We’ve not had a big PPV since 1992. Myself and Fury have been going back and forth on social media for a while and we’re both of the same mindset to do whatever it takes for that UK PPV. If it takes McIntyre versus Fury to make that happen, I don’t care. I’ll face anyone to make that happen.

    He added: “”I’d even do it at Celtic Park. I talk about Rangers a lot obviously but my big thing is that I care about Scottish football. Without Rangers I don’t think Celtic are at the same level and vice versa. I know this because I’ve travelled the world and whenever I’m asked about soccer, all anyone knows about Scottish football is that Rangers play Celtic. Rangers went down at the same time I did in my career when I got fired, we rose up at the same time together. I became WWE champion, now it’s up to Rangers to win the title this year.”

    So, could we see the Show of Shows at the home of Celtic soon…?