Scary moment in opening match causes stoppage as Enzo Amore takes scary bump. Here’s the latest updates.

    CHICAGO, IL — Enzo Amore suffered a serious concussion during the opening match on Sunday at WWE Payback, according to reports from All other tests came back negative.

    The match was to determine the number one contenders for the New Day’s WWE Tag Team Championships.

    Only three minutes into the match, Simon Gotch got the tag and irish whipped Amore into the ropes. Too close to the ropes, Amore’s head smacked into the second rope and hit the canvas hard before falling out onto the floor.

    After a whiplash reaction, Amore did not move at all while out on the floor. This is one of the scariest injury situations to unfold on live pay-per view in recent years.

    The ref signaled with an X to inform the bell keeper and the wrestlers that this was a legitimate injury. Both the Chicago crowd and millions watching around the world, who looked forward to what would’ve been a great showing between two of NXT’s best tag teams, were in utter shock as the match was stopped.

    Social media, including fellow superstars and members of the WWE Universe, are wishing Amore a speedy recovery.

    Towards the end of the WWE Payback broadcast, Michael Cole announced that Enzo Amore has suffered a serious concussion.

    In the video below, Big Cass is in emotional shock as his best friend and partner is placed into an ambulance to be transported to a local hospital.

    This is a developing story and stay tuned to TWM News for updates on Amore’s status.

    UPDATE: Kevin Owens tweeted the following picture on Twitter. Enzo is up, he’s mobile and he’s conversing with people. All good signs.

    Enzo Amore at the hospital

    UPDATE 2: WWE issued the following tweet, informing everyone that Enzo Amore has been released from the hospital.