WWE held its first Worlds Collide event, featuring the talent from 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK.

    The 15 wrestlers competed for the chance for a championship opportunity for either the WWE UK, NXT or Cruiserweight Championship. However, who were the top five contestants that impressed me the most?

    1. Velveteen Dream

    The winner of the tournament was Velveteen Dream and he is still impressing audiences with his charisma and pure talent. It was no surprise the former Tough Enough contestant was the one to watch in this tournament. Dream had some tough competition in this tournament, especially facing the likes of Tony Nese and former United Kingdom champion, Tyler Bate. He never ceases to amaze me in the ring and he surely is a contender to have a run with the NXT Champion.

    2. Tyler Bate

    There’s no surprise here that Tyler Bate is the second person who impressed me in this tournament. The British-born wrestler has been impressing audiences ever since he came on the scene in NXT in 2017. Bate is a former United Kingdom and NXT Tag Team Champion so there was no doubt that he wasn’t going to impress me in this tournament. For the age of 21-years-old he sure has an impressive ring presence and this was shown in his matches against Adam Cole in the semi-final. He’s someone that impressed me once again in the tournament.

    3. Jordan Devlin

    The 28-year-old, Irish-born wrestler, Jordan Devlin impressed me in the tournament. The former indie darling was shown to be one to watch after he won the 15-man battle royal, and received a bye to the second round. Devlin was able to secure a spot in the tournament until the semi finals until he was knocked out by Velveteen Dream. His excellent wrestling abilities was well matched with Velveteen Dream. He shouldn’t feel too down after losing against Dream, he’s still one to watch.

    4. Adam Cole

    Another NXT star on the list, yes. The NXT stars definitely brought their A game and Adam Cole was certainly one of those who did. Having already gained acclaim in Ring of Honor prior to his debut in WWE, there was no surprise he was going to have success in the WWE ring. The former NXT North American Champion was able to face off and win against Shane Thorne and Keith Lee before facing off against Tyler Bate. Although, he lost to Bate, it was an excellent match-up between the two and it wasn’t a major loss for Cole either.

    5. Drew Gulak

    The 205 wrestlers didn’t touch the semi finale but they were able to deliver good matches, including Drew Gulak. Gulak was able to beat Mark Andrews to move his way through the tournament. This is where sadly his time in the tournament came to an end, as he faced off against NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin, and what a quarterfinal match it was! I personally think it was an early send off from Gulak in the tournament but he certainly showcased his wrestling skills well in the tournament.

    What an amazing tournament, and a great way to show off the talent from the promising 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK wrestlers. A worthy win for the gifted NXT wrestler, Velveteen Dream who now has a championship opportunity in the future.