PWInsider reported that former Women’s Champion Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas is now working full-time for WWE in a backstage role, related to creative and the producers. Dumas, 40, started working with WWE for the latest edition of Tough Enough and stated in many interviews that she enjoyed working with WWE again, and particularly enjoyed helping to train the new starters in the competition. She was asked about the training process on Tough Enough;

    “I don’t want to just hand you a script and say put your left leg up… yeah I could train a robot to do that but that’s not who is going to be the next superstar. You need to be able to process this information and make it your own, digest it-go to sleep-wake up and use it. So I love that challenge of how am I going to get through to you to make you the next superstar.”

    Lita has made various appearances as of late on WWE Network programming, pre-shows and has been backstage as of late for all TV and PPV events, including being backstage at meetings.