We here at The Wrestling Mania are based in the UK, and so we were bitterly disappointed when WWE announced that the WWE Network would only be launching in the US, and then in other world territories by 2015. However we’ve had our boffins on the case, and we are plugged in, connected and currently watching WrestleMania X-Seven on the WWE Network from the comfort of TWM Towers in sunny England.

    How did we do it? Follow these very simple steps, and within minutes you’ll be online with the WWE Network.

    1. Go to http://www.wwe.com/wwenetwork and click on the link which says “Buy now”. This does NOT work with the one week free trial.

    2. Sign-up for a WWE account on this next page. DO NOT use Social Media to register for an account, as it takes your location and locks you out.

    3. Enter your details in the fields on this next page. Fill out your UK or Global address as normal and when you come to select Country and State, just choose USA and Delaware (that’s how we’ve tested it to know it works 100%).

    4. You MUST use PayPal as your payment option. Using your credit card is obviously linked to your home address and WILL get your WWE Network subscription cancelled. Even though PayPal does have your address stored, WWE only use PayPal for payment information, much like eBay does.

    5. If you are using FireFox, you now need to download Hola and point it to the USA. It’s very simple. You download the plug-in, and simply select the USA flag. Your browser will refresh and you will be asked to log-in.

    6. If you are on Chrome or any other browser, you will need an unblock-us account. We’re not going to provide the link, but Google is your friend.

    7. You are now registered for the WWE Network. Simply log on to http://network.wwe.com, click the log-in button and begin watching!

    8. Say thank you to your friends at The Wrestling Mania

    9. Please not this currently does NOT work on mobile devices.

    – By The Wrestling Mania Team

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