I think we can all safely assume by now that CM Punk won’t be returning to WWE anytime soon. He has been given the silent treatment and pretty much all mention of him has been removed from WWE programming and WWE merchandise.

    Over the last week there have been numerous reports of his former colleagues cutting promos or having sly digs at him. Now I am only assuming, but I imagine that most of them haven’t been doing it off their own back. Punk’s exit has to be at the top of the list of things that have to be approved by the higher ups before anyone can even utter a word on the subject in public.

    In the course of last nights match between Mark Henry and Dean Ambrose, during the commercial break and exclusively on the WWE App, Seth Rollins took the microphone and scolded the crowd for chanting for the recently departed superstar. You can view the full video below and make your mind up on how important this outburst was.

    Video from WWE.com

    This isn’t the first time The Shield has cut somewhat of a promo on CM Punk’s exit. They reportedly ran him down during a live show in Bakersfield. The difference here is that WWE publicly released the video of Rollins having a pop at the crowd and Punk. There is no way that Rollins did this of his own accord and it was obviously cleverly placed in the commercial break so they could still at least keep the casual fans from seeing it. What is most interesting is that they have finally acknowledged it in such a public way.

    Could this incident lead to more public reactions from WWE? It wouldn’t surprise me, especially if they can’t convince Punk to return. The chants will eventually die down; I don’t think WWE is interested in playing the waiting game though.

    Edit: Here is a video of JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole commenting on CM Punk chants before RAW last night


    – By Michael Owen

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