WWE’s injury crisis took a turn for the worse tonight as John Cena suffers and confirmed on his twitter account that he will be out of action for an extended period of time due to a shoulder injury. Cena missed this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW and appears briefly on SmackDown this week in a non-wrestling role.

    His injury requires surgery which is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). John confirmed the news on twitter:

    It’s thought the injury is a torn rotator cuff, which is serious enough that not only will he miss the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, but he’ll miss WrestleMania 32 as well. Should this be the case, it’ll mark the first WrestleMania without John since 2003.

    38-year-old WWE veteranJohn Cena’s injury adds to the growing list of top superstars which so far includes Randy Orton, Antonio Cesaro and Seth Rollins.

    Cena just returned from a short absence off TV as he was filming a reality series for FOX. He was expected to continue his feud with U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio.


    John Cena is looking an extended period of absence, around 6-9 months. He’s definitely going to miss the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, but he may be back in time for SummerSlam 2016.

    Cena’s injury is thought to be a torn labrum, but it’s not known how or when this happened.