This past Monday night the Almighty finally hit the top of the WWE mountain when he handily beat the Miz for the WWE Championship. It was a title win that was 16 years in the making for Lashley. He had been a dominating force for close to two decades in the wrestling world and his hard work finally paid off.

    Now that Lashley has won the championship people are naturally going to be wondering who will be his next challenger. We can assume, with Fastlane on the horizon, that The Miz will be demanding his rematch. This will be a minor speed bump for the Almighty as it looks like the WWE will be keeping the title on him going into Wrestlemania.

    Once we get to the biggest show of the year who will be standing across the ring from Lashley? Let’s take a look at five possible challengers for the WWE Championship.


    This is probably the least likely of all the possible challenges but there is still a very small outside chance he goes up against Lashley. Goldberg is still in great shape and would be a great match-up for Lashley.


    They are both huge individuals that rely on high-impact moves to put their opponent away. From a visual standpoint, it would be great to see these two standing across the ring from one another at Wrestlemania.

    Now it is reported that Goldberg is only signed on to two matches a year and he has taken a loss in his first. It would make little sense to bring him back only to suffer another loss, thus hurting his reputation. 

    Keith Lee

    Lee has been a big disappointment since joining the main roster. This has not been his fault as he has been the recipient of the usually terrible booking of NXT call-ups. That being said there is still a huge amount of potential in the Limitless one. For a man his size, he can move around the ring like a cruiserweight.

    Keith Lee | WWE

    It is another outside shot to have him come back and challenge Lashley for the title right out of the gate but it would be a great idea. The two men met in the ring late last year and for what it was the match delivered.

    You could tell that they were holding back from what they could do in the ring but the match did whet the appetite for what could be.

    Kevin Owens

    Over the past year, Owens has been consistently one of the best wrestlers in the company. His in-ring work is only rivaled for how great he is on the stick.

    Owens just got out of a long rivalry with Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship and he is currently without anything to do on Smackdown.  It would be a stretch to have him move over to Raw and challenge Lashley for the title but stranger things have happened before.

    WWE Kevin Owens - Lashley post

    The two have met in the ring before, back in 2018, and of course, the matches were great. So if they were to start a program heading into Wrestlemania there is no doubt that the payoff would be a main event worthy match.

    It should also be noted that the promo work between Owens and MVP would be fantastic. MVP has been a great mouthpiece for Lashley and the verbal sparring between him and Owens would be worthy of a Wrestlemania title program.

    Brock Lesnar

    Dammit WWE make this match happen and make it happen now! For years the entire world has been wondering what will happen if these two men met in the ring. When Lashley made his return in 2018 most thought it was only a matter of time before they fought one another. The WWE, for some reason, has failed to put these two in a program together and it is driving the world insane.

    Brock Lesnar

    Lesnar and Lashley are both massive human beings who have been dominant throughout their career. There have been few that have been able to stand in the way of either man, except for maybe each other.

    Now, Lesnar has been without a contract for a while and it is unsure of whether he will be coming back to the WWE at all. What better way to coax him out than to have Lashley call the Beast out. It is a money feud that the WWE has yet to capitalize on and that ship is slowly sailing. Better to strike while the iron is still hot.

    Drew McIntyre

    At Elimination Chamber, Lashley pounced on a fallen McIntyre beating him down after Drew survived a hellacious chamber match. This allowed The Miz to run down and cash in his Money In The Bank contract.

    Now that Lashley has won the championship from The Miz it would make sense for McIntrye to get a shot at the WWE Championship since he never lost it to Lashley, to begin with.

    Drew McIntyre | WWE - Lashley post

    Lashley has also publically said that he would rather face McIntrye at Wrestlemania than anyone else. McIntrye is the biggest face in the company, at present time, so putting him against Lashley at Wrestlemania makes sense. It is also possible that, with fans in attendance at Wrestlemania, McIntyre will finally get the crowning championship moment that he was denied last year.