WWE Superstar Naomi recently did an interview with TalkSport.com about her future in WWE, the plans for her, the Royal Rumble and more

    Social media being out of her control: “That’s the frustrating part. Because there is so much that is out of my control and out of my hands. Some things I’m just tied down to and can’t do or can’t say. But, the support is good. Even constructive criticism I appreciate. The negativity just fuels me to be better and help me grow. I wanna fix any holes in my game and just continue to grow and evolve. But, it is a lot and it is overwhelming sometimes. Taking it in, like all the time is a lot. Sometimes I have to step away and take a break.”

    If WWE has spoken with her about future plans: “Yeah, but it’s difficult as well because of the times we’re in. The show is constantly changing and evolving, there’s just so much going on so I don’t know what the solutions are. All I can do is keep doing my part, keep showing up and giving it my all. Ignoring the haters and continuing to do what I love. I’m happy to still be here, be present and be a player. It’s not something I take for granted, especially after the big releases we had this year. Although what we do is very stressful at times, it’s something I remind myself to be grateful and thankful for. That I’m still able to wake up every day, have a job to go to and not just any job – but a dream job. We’re going to look at this pandemic era years, maybe decades down the road and be like ‘damn, that was crazy!’”

    If WWE gave her any plans beyond her Royal Rumble return: “It was just I was coming back. It was extremely nerve-wracking. I had been gone for quite some time and the one thing after being gone like that, you don’t want to come back and it’s crickets [laughs]. I was just so nervous if I would be missed and if people would care! Just hearing the audience when I did return I was like YES! They still with me. I’m OK and ready to kick ass. I think because I got such a good response we kind of tried to go somewhere after that, but I don’t know.