Last night during NXT, Karrion Kross and Scarlett made their long-awaited return.

    They first hinted at it this past Sunday at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Before the North American Championship triple threat, a vignette aired which featured some familiar imagery. This included a live vulture, a clock, and the word “apocalypse”. It ended with Kross saying “tick, tock”, a phrase synonymous with him and Scarlett.

    Then, during the opening of last night’s NXT, Scarlett made her presence felt and reminded NXT Champion Finn Bálor that Kross’ return was imminent. Bálor never let her get a word in, stating that he is ready to fight whenever Kross is.

    Before that showdown, however, Kross will have to deal with Damian Priest first. He, Pete Dunne, and Kyle O’Reilly were all staking their claim as Bálor’s next challenger before Scarlett interrupted. Priest then asked her if her boy always waits in the car while she comes out to handle his business. He further taunted her by laying down an open challenge whenever Kross was ready to pick his own battles.

    It didn’t take Kross long to oblige the Archer of Infamy, as he attacked the former North American Champion later in the night. He put Priest through a table on the stage and then left the arena with Scarlett waiting in their car.

    We hadn’t seen either of them since a few days after TakeOver: XXX. At the event, Kross defeated Keith Lee to capture the NXT Championship for the first time. However, he ended up relinquishing the title after suffering a separated shoulder during the match.

    They made their intentions perfectly clear after what unfolded last night. While they plan on dealing with Priest, their primary target is going to remain the same, and that is none other than the NXT Champion himself, Finn Bálor.

    Honestly, why would they go after anyone else? Kross will undoubtedly argue that he never lost the title in the first place. He can also claim that he never got the same luxuries the champ is getting right now. At TakeOver: 31, Bálor successfully retained his title against Kyle O’Reilly, but at a cost. During the match, he fractured his jaw and underwent surgery shortly after to repair it. Since then he hasn’t wrestled, but NXT allowed him to keep the title.

    As mentioned above, Kross had to vacate the title just four days after winning it. That also makes his reign the shortest in NXT history. This certainly didn’t sit well with him then, and I’m sure it still doesn’t now.

    What was also very telling was the timing of Kross’ WarGames vignette. It happened after Bálor had a video of his own. In it, he sent a clear warning to the rest of the NXT locker room:

    “To everyone watching tonight. Everyone on the network, everyone following online, and everyone in the locker room. Enjoy your WarGames tonight, enjoy the craziness, enjoy the big risks. Enjoy the spectacle, but remember one thing. When the sirens stop and the cage raises, we get back to what matters most. The time for team sports is over. This Wednesday, all eyes go back on the Prince.”

    Kross didn’t seem to care too much about the threat, which is not out of the ordinary for him. Since joining NXT, he has shown neither respect nor patience for anyone who gets in his way. His first two feuds in NXT are the best examples of this. He debuted by attacking Tommaso Ciampa, sending a clear message that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. Then, at TakeOver: In Your House, he soundly defeated the former champion by forcing him to pass out in the Kross Jacket.

    Then he turned his attention to then-NXT Champion, Keith Lee. Rather than wait his turn, Kross forged a path of destruction until he got what he wanted. Both Ciampa and Lee at the time were two of the biggest stars on NXT. Most newcomers to the brand would understandably be intimidated to go after them right away. But Kross showed no fear and went after what he felt was rightfully his. There’s no doubt he will do the exact same thing to Bálor.

    So, regardless if Kross is Bálor’s next challenger or not, a title match between the two is almost a guarantee. Whenever it happens, it will surely be the Prince’s toughest challenge yet. Who knows, maybe the champ will have to bring back a certain alter ego to help give him the edge. Either way, Karrion Kross and Scarlett coming back is a big deal for the black-and-yellow brand. They were on an absolute roll before Kross’ injury, but I’m sure they won’t miss a beat. All that matters to them is reclaiming the gold, no matter who they must destroy to do so.

    The dangerous duo have sent a loud and clear message: time is almost up for the NXT locker room. Tick, tock.