WWE’s developmental NXT brand continues to branch out on the road, this time presenting The Great American Bash 2023 from Austin, TX! This show will feature some main roster talent, such as “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio as he puts his North American Championship on the line in a triple-threat match.

    Date: July 30, 2023
    Arena: HEB Center at Cedar Park
    Location: Cedar Park, Texas

    NXT Tag Team Championship:
    Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) (c)
    vs. The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo)

    Divided combat. The Family were the first to have been very close to victory, after a Superplex by Tony D’Angelo and a Diving Headbutt by Channing Lorenzo on Mark Coffey, but Wolfgang made the save. Then Gallus took advantage of a distraction from the referee to apply a double team on Lorenzo, but D’Angelo made the save . Shortly after, and despite Joe Coffey trying to interfere, The Family achieved triumph and won the title after a double team on Wolfgang.

    Winners: The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo)
    Rating: 6.5/10

    Great American Bash 2023 / Weapons Wild match:
    Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport

    Blair Davenport wasted no time and attacked Roxanne Perez during the entry of the former NXT Women’s Champion, who was greeting her family, who were watching the event from the front row. From there to the introduction of weapons in the ring it was an instant, with Roxanne Perez having a bad time during the opening minutes.

    However, Roxanne managed to fight back, also using objects, and achieved victory in about 12 minutes after a Pop Rocks .

    Winner: Roxanne Perez
    Rating: 7/10

    Great American Bash 2023 / Gable Stevenson vs. Baron Corbin

    One of the rare occasions when the public was on Baron Corbin’s side, having booed every blow by the Lone Wolf and booed every lunge by the Olympic champion… Not a good start.

    Winner: – ( No contest )
    Note: –

    NXT North American Championship :
    “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali

    Dominik Mysterio tried to run away from the two opponents as soon as the bell rang, but Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali went after him. At one point Dominik tried to apply the Three Amigos on both Lee and Ali, but ended up suffering three consecutive Double Suplexes.

    Minutes later, and following accurate Superkicks on both opponents, Mustafa Ali wanted to apply a 450 Splash to both Lee and Dominik at the edge of the ring, but ended up being the one to land with his back in what is the hardest area of ​​the ring.

    Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley began to disrupt Wes Lee’s action, having even applied a Riptide to a commentator table, which broke. But even after that and after Dominik hit Lee with the belt, Lee got the kick out .

    Soon after, Mustafa Ali applied a 450 Splash on Wes Lee, but when he advanced to the settlement Ripley pulled his legs. Who took advantage was Dominik, who performed the Frog Splash and the victorious settlement on Lee.

    Winner : Dominik Mysterio
    Rating : 8.5/10

    Submission match for the NXT Women’s Championship:
    Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Thea Hail

    Intense combat and the public was very involved, but I confess that I expected to see more strategic approaches considering that we were talking about a submission match. There was no concern about injuring a particular area of ​​the opponent’s body to then apply a submission. Instead, for example, Thea Hail landed an Exploder Suplex from the top rope and then applied a submission to the champion’s left arm. If she still went in the back…

    Shortly after, I saw Tiffany Stratton do something that made more sense: Tiffany performed the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, followed by a Boston Crab. However, Tiffany changed the submission to a Single Leg Crab with the knee on the back and, at a time when he was even having difficulty to continue holding the manoeuvre, Andre Chase threw a towel to the centre of the ring, giving up on behalf of Thea Hail.

    Winner: Tiffany Stratton
    Rating: 7/10

    Great American Bash 2023 / NXT Championship :
    Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov

    Combat in which the intensity and impact of blows were gradually increased. After catching Carmelo Hayes in midair and giving him a German Suplex, Dragunov took control of operations for a few minutes, but then Carmelo fought back. At one point, Dragunov attempted a Coast to Coast but was intercepted by Carmelo’s Codebreaker .

    Then it was Carmelo’s turn to fly and be intercepted in mid-air by a Powerbomb from Dragunov, who applied a kind of Superman Punch with Carmelo on the ground, but the effects did not go beyond the near fall .

    Dragunov then tried to execute a Superplex but ended up suffering a Cutter in mid-air. However, in the settlement that followed, the Russian kicked out. Minutes later, at a time when Dragunov had hit Trick Williams outside the ring, Carmelo Hayes applied the victorious Nothing But Net .

    Winner: Carmelo Hayes
    Rating: 9/10