Former WWE announcer/interviewer/host Renee Young, who left WWE just after Summerslam this year, opened up to Sports Illustrated this week about how the company has handled the pandemic.

    And she has told how her tweet confirming a positive Coronavirus test was not well received by WWE management.

    She said: ” “Yeah. I generally just like to be transparent about everything. I like to just be honest. There’s no shame in having got it. Again we don’t know what’s going on with anything. We’re all trying to figure it out. So when I tweeted that I had it, I wasn’t doing it as, like, “I GOT COVID.” That was not my MO when I tweeted. It was mostly, ‘Hey, I have it.’ Also, in case there were people that could’ve been around me and maybe seen that I had it, I felt a responsibility to make sure people knew that I was sick. But, yeah, it was NOT well received.”

    “They weren’t even even like ‘You shouldn’t have posted it.’ But it was like, ‘We wish you gave us a heads up.’ It was bad for PR and whatnot. But again, I wouldn’t have even thought to be like, “Hey guys, I’m gonna tweet that I have Covid, ha, ha. Like, that was just not what I was thinking about when I posted it.”

    On whether or not WWE has handled to pandemic well, she said: “Listen, anything I say on this is gonna end up seeming like controversial or like I’m shitting on it or whatever,” she said, “but, yeah, did I feel a little slighted? I didn’t really feel like anyone was all that concerned that I got sick. That bothered me for sure.  But, you know, it’s hard to say. Again, it’s like, shit, the show goes on and now they’re working at the Amway Center and they’re essentially doing the best that they can NOW. Now doing the proper tests.

    “I think that was something that should’ve been implemented from the beginning. Since everything that’s gone down and however many people ended up getting sick, now it feels like a much safer environment. Even when I was there for SummerSlam, I was definitely less concerned about it knowing that everyone in the building has been properly tested with the nose swab and whatnot.” 

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