Seth Rollins recently did an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast (Link Below) and discussed the “Eye for an Eye” match with Rey Mysterio and RAW Underground

    Thoughts on the Eye for an Eye match: “If this stipulation would have happened in 1999 in the middle of the Attitude Era, I don’t think anybody would have even scoffed at it. I think it would have been a crazy moment of wild stuff happening in WWE. Obviously we are 20 years later and things are different in the way we watch things and the way our audience sees wrestling. But, it is what it is. That’s what the moment was meant to do which is create interest for the casual viewer. I think the moment you say Eye For An Eye match, the hardcore wrestling fan, and if I was a 19-year-old kid, I would say the same thing like oh please, why can’t they just let these two wrestle. At the end of the day, the wrestling spoke for itself and the end moment ended up on TMZ so we are doing a service to both of our audiences. We gave them a great wrestling match and gave the casual viewer a reason to go, what the hell are they doing over there? I loved it. I thought it was great. I was really happy with it. I was overwhelmingly very happy with the final product, particularly considering we did that last scene in limited time and in one take.”

    His opinion of RAW Underground: “Hey man, it’s outside the box. Our audience is different. They are begging for something different all the time, something new, something fresh. I think my verdict on it is TBD. Let’s see what happens. It could end up being ridiculous in a bad way or it could end up being ridiculous in a good way. Obviously the first week got people’s attention. We jumped up a little bit in our viewership which is great, I had no idea what to expect when I saw it on the sheet. When I watched it back, I was not entirely offended by it, especially that it is a brand new idea in its infancy. Obviously they will make adjustments to it and figure it out along the way. I’m open to seeing what it becomes as time goes on.”