So, we have entered the biggest seven days of the Wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania week! With go-home shows, NXT Takeover, the Hall of Fame, the RAW after, and of course the biggest event of the year itself, Wrestlemania we have a long week ahead of us and plenty to enjoy!

    There are so many must-see matches announced and set to take place over the next few days and with solid builds to so many of these encounters I am taking the time out today to take look at some of the matches I am most looking forward to! This will include both on the Takeover and Mania cards for both nights as well as the mention of some of the things I am hoping to see take place!

    Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair

    While I have complained a fair share over on Twitter regarding the build to Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair it remains the women’s match, I am most looking forward to this Wrestlemania week. The two women are set to make history on the biggest stage of them all and whether they are booked as the main event or not I am confident they will deliver a standout match of the week and a Mania main event worthy contest.

    Banks and Belair both have strong bold characters and both equally passionate about pro wrestling and the WWE so when they finally meet one on one fans can expect some incredibly special and memorable indeed. Both women possess different in-ring styles and I cannot wait to see the experience and wrestling ability owned by Sasha meet with the power and athleticism Bianca will be bringing to the table.  In terms of the result, I must admit that I am fully rooting for Belair and a new champion crowned.

    Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole

    The NXT Takeover card is stacked for both nights and there is a part of me that believes I could be more excited for the two Takeover shows more than I am for Mania this year. Each match is promising and both nights are sure to give the main roster talent a run for their money. One of the encounters I am most looking forward to is the must-see collision between Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole.

    Okay, I will admit that I hate to see the end of the Undisputed era but the build to this match has been so strong and so personal that I have been gripped! For months now O’Reilly has been proving himself as a singles star, breaking out and working some absolutely fantastic bouts and when colliding with the man who arguably gave him his spotlight but also took the spotlight from him, we are sure to see an emotionally charged encounter that could go down as one of the best wrestling matches not only of the weekend but of the year!

    Big E vs Apollo Crews

    I have absolutely loved the story between Big E and Apollo Crews in recent months. It has been so damn good to see Crews given a new direction for his character and seemingly a fresh start, but could that result in a new title reign or the former NXT Talent?

    The focus on culture and personalities, aggression, and passion has been so interesting to watch and if their Fastlane encounter is anything to go by, I think It is safe to assume this match is a big-time dark horse. I believe it’s one of the less predictable matches on the card and I am genuinely excited to see which way it goes.

    MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Legado del Fantasma

    I’ll admit that I have not had an interest in the main roster tag team scene in a hot minute however, over in NXT the tag team action has been on fire and the triple threat involving MSK, Grizzled Young Veterans, Legado del Fantasma is a match I am seriously excited for this week! We have three vastly different, exciting tag teams sure to provide fans with an incredible tag team encounter.

    Now, if you know me you will most certainly know that I will be rooting for the Grizzled Young Veterans; They are the team I was rooting for during the Dusty Classic and I feel as though they could make for something very different in terms of who holds the top spot within the NXT Tag division. Now, I believe this is also one of the more unpredictable matches of the week and genuinely feel as though any one of these teams could walk away with the win. Keep your eyes set on MSK however, who look to be strong fan favourites and likely to bring the most thrilling and exciting spots of the match.

    Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

    Cesaro vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania is a real treat! Here we have two of the best wrestlers in the world today working the biggest stage in the industry and I really do believe we are going to be watching something incredibly special indeed this weekend between these two. The build has been personal and completely different to anything else on the 2021 Mania card.

    So many fans are strongly behind Cesaro and excited to see if the former United States champion can knock off one of the biggest stars of this era. Can Cesaro really score a win over Rollins at Wrestlemania? I honestly hope so and hope to see the start of a major push for Cesaro that has been a long time coming but regardless of the result I honestly believe this will be one of the best matches of the year and one we will be talking about for a long time after.

    Santos Escobar vs. Jordan Devlin (Ladder Match)

    Now, I love a good ladder match and with Jordan Devlin and Santos Escobar competing to be crowned the true Cruiserweight champion in a ladder contest this week I am expecting to witness a new standout match we talk about for a very long time.

    These are two equally strong champions and both men are massively exciting to watch and with that in mind, I do not doubt that this is going to be a show-stealing dark horse that puts a spotlight on the cruiserweight scene like nothing else before. Fans can expect some explosive moves mixed with strong wrestling and I cannot wait to see how they involve the ladders in this encounter. I have no idea who could get the win here but either way, the winner will most certainly earn that title!

    Edge vs Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

    Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan - Triple Threat  Match | WWE

    And finally, we have the main event for the Universal Championship, a must-see title defence involving Edge, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. Now, I will admit that I was one of those rare people who was not actually excited to see Bryan added to this match, I feel as though Reigns and Edge were more than enough and could have worked a very strong storyline however, Bryan has certainly earned his place and I’m very excited to see how things go down this weekend.

    Each superstar in this match is so different and all three men are bringing something different to the table making this a must-see match for the ages. A couple of years ago who could have predicted we would be seeing this match at Wrestlemania? All three superstars have been through so much in their lives and this makes for an inspiring match with three of the best and most popular talents in this industry today and of all time. Will we see a new champion crowned?

    And those are some of the matches I am most looking forward to this Wrestlemania week! Of course, there were others I wanted to include but these are at the top of the list!

    You can also let us know what match you are most looking forward to by tweeting me over at @TWMNewz