Somebody has discovered a rare WWE artefact from over 20 years ago, left to the wilderness. Jump in the time machine with us for a second, we’re in the middle of the Monday Night Wars and it’s October 12th 1998. RAW is just about winning in the war against Nitro, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is tormenting evil boss, Mr McMahon. This evening, Stone Cold arrives at the building in a “CE-MENT” truck (As Jim Ross would say) and proceed to destroy Vince McMahons “$50,000” C4 Corvette.

    Back to present day, it started with a post on from Jim Cooper;

    A reader just sent in a bunch of photos of a white C4 Corvette filled with plants, twigs, a plastic bag (?), a muffler (??), and concrete (???). I don’t know what’s going on, but I figured I’d share it with you, dear readers. 
    Update: It appears to be a famous Corvette!

    The biggest mystery, aside from all the plants in the car, was what was on the dash. “What I could NOT figure out,” Cooper concluded, “was the concrete(?) up above the dash in the window…So. Many. Questions.”

    It was indeed very famous! Perhaps the most famous Corvette in WWE’s history! A comment from the original post seems to confirm that this is THAT CORVETTE after further digging to found out more about this mysterious Corvette which is more akin to a rainforest than part of Mr McMahon’s private collection!

    As Cooper says in a comment to the original post, now that the connection to this WWE episode was brought up, it makes sense: the warehouse has a “small WWE sign in the front.” He is officially the man to have uncovered the most famous Corvette in WWE history.

    Incredible. What else will they find? Perhaps the destroyed D-X Bus?

    Credit: – Elena Gorgan : Photos from Jim Cooper / David Tracy of