At SummerSlam 2023, a captivating eight-match card was showcased, featuring four championship bouts. The main event saw Jey Uso challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship and the esteemed title of Tribal Chief. GUNTHER, with his impressive Intercontinental Championship reign, defended his title against the returning Drew McIntyre.

    Date: August 5, 2023
    Arena: Ford Field – Location: Detroit, Michigan

    Ricochet vs. Logan Paul

    The two started by putting on a gymnastics show, but then Logan Paul took control of operations and didn’t forget to interact with the audience when fans booed him and shouted “You suck! ”. This presence in the ring is as or more impressive than the blows he executes.
    Meanwhile Ricochet had his comeback and the fight became quite divided, with both shining and close to victory. Logan Paul looked assured of victory after a Springboard Frog Splash , while Ricochet was a hundredths of a second away from triumph after a sequence of strikes including a Lionsault , but on both occasions the result was a kick out .

    After Ricochet missed a 630 , someone put a brass knuckle in Logan Paul’s hand and the Youtuber took the opportunity to hit the opponent, later reaching the victorious settlement.

    Winner : Logan Paul
    Grade : 9/10

    SummerSlam 2023: Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

    Combat start at full gas. Right after Cody Rhodes suffered a German Suplex in the opening minutes, Cody applied a Disaster Kick , but then Brock Lesnar returned to the charge with Suplexes of various types.

    At one point, a badly dented Cody Rhodes was close to losing by countout on several occasions, but he always managed to re-enter the ring. In one of these situations, Lesnar even applied an F-5 before leaving his opponent lying outside the ring. And on the next occasion, he returned to execute his finisher, but on top of a commentator’s table, which broke.

    At one point, Cody Rhodes threw Lesnar twice in a row against the ring post and then hit his opponent with the steps, which surprisingly did not result in a disqualification. On his return to the ring, Cody applied a Disaster Kick and two Cody Cutters , but Lesnar not only resisted, he applied the Kimura , however, Cody reached the ropes and did not give up.
    In response, Cody threw Lesnar into an exposed corner and performed the Kimura , but Lesnar resisted. However, Cody applied three consecutive Cross Rhodes to secure the win.
    After the match ended, Lesnar shook and raised the new John Cena’s hand .

    Winner : Cody Rhodes
    Grade : 9/10

    SummerSlam 2023: Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal

    As Omos entered the ring, the Battle Royal began. But even so, it was the Nigerian who promoted the first eliminations, in the case of Apollo Crews, JD McDonagh and Rick Boogs.
    Tommaso Ciampa was also in very good shape, as he eliminated both Viking Raiders elements, as well as Shinsuke Nakamura, before being eliminated by Bronson Reed.
    Also note Santos Escobar, top contender for the United States Championship who eliminated champion Austin Theory before being dispatched by Karrion Kross.

    Then Omos was back in the spotlight, eliminating Butch and Matt Riddle before being thrown over the top rope by all the other opponents together. The man being talked about, LA Knight, was also in the spotlight, eliminating The Miz and the mighty Bronson Reed.
    On the other hand, the feud between AJ Styles and Karrion Kross was also fueled through Kross’ elimination at the hands of Styles . But Kross got his revenge, as he contributed to Styles ‘ elimination at the hands of Sheamus.

    Last but not least were LA Knight and Sheamus. After an intense battle, LA Knight slammed the Irishman over the top rope.

    Winner : L.A. Knight
    Rating : 6.5/10

    SummerSlam 2023 – MMA Rules match
    Ronda Rousey vs. Shayna Baszler

    The match didn’t go down well with the audience, despite some pretty stiff strikes , namely a kick from Shayna Baszler to Ronda Rousey’s head and a knee from Ronda to Shayna’s nose. After chants of “ Boring! ”, Shayna Baszler achieved the victory via submission, via a Kirifuda Clutch .

    Winner : Shayna Baszler
    Rating : 5/10

    WWE Intercontinental Championship :
    Gunther (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

    Very physical combat, as expected. Gunther was in charge of operations for several minutes, but McIntyre got his comeback . He missed applying the Claymore , as the Austrian managed to consecutively dodge the Scotsman’s finisher .

    If McIntyre was unable to apply the Claymore , Gunther managed to execute the Powerbomb , but in the ensuing settlement McIntyre kicked out . After Gunther missed a slap, McIntyre managed to land the Claymore , but the champion kicked out .

    At a time when McIntyre was looking for a Superplex or something like that from the top rope, Gunther made the opponent land with his genitals on top of the rope, then had to apply a Diving Splash , a Lariat and a Powerbomb to win the victory.
    Winner : Gunther
    Grade : 8.5/10

    SummerSlam 2023 – World Heavyweight Championship:
    Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) vs. Finn Bálor

    Finn Bálor wasted no time and attacked Rollins even before the bell rang.
    It was the foreshadowing of a match in which Bálor was in a dominant position for a few minutes straight, having even applied a Buckle Bomb against the protection barrier, the same maneuver with which Rollins injured Bálor at SummerSlam 2016 .

    However, the match became divided, but Bálor was very close to triumph after executing a Pedigree after the newly appeared Damien Priest had punched Rollins . But Rollins kicked out , as Bálor did after suffering a Stomp and again Rollins after suffering a Coup de Grâce .
    Undecided between helping Bálor or making the cash-in , Priest threw Money in the Bank’s suitcase into the ring and immediately after went to distract the referee, but who took advantage of this distraction was Seth Rollins , who applied a Stomp on Bálor on top from the suitcase.

    Winner : Seth “Freakin” Rollins
    Grade : 9/10

    WWE Women’s Championship :
    Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair

    He fights in a slightly lower position on the card , after a match that took the fans’ breath away and before the main event . In addition, there was a set of moves that did not come out with the desired appearance.

    At one point, Charlotte Flair threw Bianca Belair out of the ring and Belair injured her knee, ending up being carried away from the ring and by several referees and other agents. However, Belair came back, very limited, to apply a 450 Splash on Charlotte while she was applying a Figure Eight on Asuka .

    Shortly after, Charlotte applied a Figure Eight on Bianca Belair . Asuka threw a mist at Charlotte ‘s face , but The Queen didn’t break the maneuver, reducing the pressure just a little. Then Bianca Belair took advantage of a missed kick by Asuka to apply the Inside Cradle Pin that gave her the victory and the title.

    Winner : Bianca Belair (new champion)
    Rating : 8/10

    WWE Women’s Championship : Bianca Belair (c) vs. Iyo Sky (MITB Cash In)

    Realizing that Bianca Belair was very fragile, Iyo Sky appeared on the scene accompanied by Bayley , who definitely fixed Charlotte and Asuka . Afterwards, in the ring, Iyo Sky attacked Bianca Belair with the suitcase before cashing in , having performed a Moonsault before celebrating the victory.

    Winner : Iyo Sky (new champion)

    SummerSlam 2023; Tribal Combat
    Undisputed WWE Universal Championship; Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso

    Combat that Roman Reigns always tried to take to a slow pace, which favoured him more. And when Jey Uso looked like he was going to accelerate and put himself in a dominant position for a while, Reigns found a way to reverse the momentum, as was the case with a situation where Reigns intercepted a Suicide Dive with a kendo stick .

    However, shortly after it was Jey Uso’s turn to intercept a Superman Punch with a kendo stick , breaking it by hitting the cousin several times in a row . However, after a Suicide Dive, on his return to the ring Jey Uso was hit by a Superman Punch as he was preparing to fly again. Jey Uso responded with a Superkick and a Uso Splash, but in the ensuing laydown Roman Reigns kicked out .

    Meanwhile, Jey Uso hit Roman Reigns and filled the ring with chairs, while Paul Heyman begged for mercy at ringside, but it ended up being Jey who was projected onto all those chairs, suffering a Powerbomb . Minutes later, Jey Uso retaliated by applying a Samoan Drop onto a table that was placed outside the ring. Soon after, Jey Uso grabbed a kind of belt and started whipping Roman Reigns, who was trying to escape.

    In an area where both were fighting in the audience area, where the photographers were, Solo Sikoa appeared on the scene to help Reigns, having applied a Spinning Solo on Jey Uso onto a table.

    However, Solo transported Jey back to the ring, where Roman Reigns performed an unintentional Spear on Solo Sikoa after Jey Uso had dodged. Soon after Jey applied a Spear on Roman Reigns , but in the ensuing settlement the champion kicked out .
    After several chair shots on Roman Reigns , Jey Uso went to chase his opponent out of the ring, but Solo Sikoa applied a Superkick to him . However, Reigns and Solo argued for a few seconds and Jey took the opportunity to apply a Spear on Reigns against the protection barrier.

    After dispatching Solo Sikoa, diving on him through an announcer’s table, Jey Uso applied a Spear and a Uso Splash to Roman Reigns inside the ring, but when he advanced to the settlement Jimmy Uso appeared to pull his leg. Meanwhile, Jimmy applied a Superkick to his twin brother, putting him in the ring and Roman Reigns took the opportunity to execute a Spear on Jey against a table, then advancing to the victorious settlement.

    Winner: Roman Reigns
    Grade: 8.5/10