The Shield burst onto the main event scene back at Survivor Series 2012, and have been there ever since. But recently there has been some dissension among their ranks. Today we at TWM look deeper into what is next for the Shield.

    The three members of The Shield all came into the roster on the same level. All three were ‘green’ in terms of WWE standard, but Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both had a heavy influence on the independent scene for years. Roman Reigns however came from his famous Samoan bloodline and therefore didn’t need to train for years. He was thrust straight into WWE’s developmental circuit at NXT. When the trio debuted, I had wished that Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) had been picked over him. Three superstars who were all huge stars in the Indies would have gone down a treat with fans across the globe. But alas, it didn’t, and now Chris Hero is back on the independent circuit after his release in late 2013.

    But that is all water under the bridge now as Roman Reigns has cemented himself as an A game player. After just over a year, he has already gone in the record books, sending 12 other superstars over the top rope in this years Royal Rumble, beating Kane’s record of 11 back in 2001 – a record I never thought would be surpassed. The spear this guy delivers is arguably one of the best in the game, and controversial as it may be, is much better than Edge’s ever was. It’s delivered with such power that no matter who it is, from Rey Mysterio to The Big Show, anyone looks folded in half.

    Seth Rollins is no doubt a fantastic wrestler. That was cemented in his recent matches with John Cena and CM Punk, both of which were easily the best in the show. Not only is Rollins a fantastic seller, but also his technical ability reminds me of CM Punk, and he has some highflying skills to potentially go further than the recently departed superstar. Another man who wouldn’t be considered as having “the look” that Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque like, but definitely could make a name for himself if a few people get injured.

    Dean Ambrose was meant to be the headline star of The Shield. The man with all the promo skills in the world. He’s brash, he’s cocky, and he can back it up too. But a lack of in ring competition has arguably seen him fall to the back of the pack in my eyes, especially as other superstars such as Bray Wyatt have turned up and stepped it up a notch on the microphone. He has been United States Champion since May 19th, but hasn’t defended it since October. Possibly a sign that WWE might well be unifying the Intercontinental Championship with the United States one, and if so, I’d have Big E Langston as the heavy favourite to come out of that contest with the win.

    But The Shield has a problem. Their break up is imminent, but is it a wise move? Roman Reigns hasn’t had a chance to showcase his promo skills, which means if the group separated, he might find himself in unfamiliar territory. Of course he could always get a manager to speak for him. Either way, immediately after the break up, Reigns would find himself at the top of the pack, likely as a babyface. But this would mean he’d be competing with the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and the newly returned Sheamus (who Reigns eliminated at the Royal Rumble) for TV time.

    Rollins and Ambrose would be shuffled into the mid card, despite their obvious talents. So would we instead see a new power member of The Shield? I hear Mason Ryan is available…

    Every member of this trio deserves a main event push, but unfortunately, not everyone gets those opportunities. The Shield would be expected to break up around WrestleMania time, and if there was any way to get these guys over, what better way than the grandest stage of them all?

    – By Dan Lloyd