Drew McIntyre has been a mainstay in the main event scene on Monday Night Raw for well over a year, solidifying his place after his Royal Rumble win, defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, and holding it down as the WWE Champion throughout the height of the Pandemic Era, constantly churning out excellent matches against his opponents throughout each title defence.

    For what was supposed to be the second year in a row, Drew McIntyre was set to face current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at Backlash, as the two went toe-to-toe last year with Drew as the champion and Bobby as the challenger. The roles were reversed, leaving fans eager to see how they’d fare in their follow-up match to their WrestleMania encounter on Night 1 of “The Show of Shows.” However, things have changed, as the championship match at the pay-per-view now titled “WrestleMania Backlash” has become a Triple Threat Match, with Braun Strowman getting added in the mix.

    It is almost now a guarantee that Bobby Lashley will retain, most likely by pinning Braun Strowman via shenanigans or possibly with ‘The Monster Among Men’ passing out to Lashley’s signature move, ‘The Hurt Lock.” This leaves Drew McIntyre in a bit of an odd spot, which he’s already in right now as he’s been wrestling Strowman, or wrestling with him against T-Bar and Mace, former members of the now-disbanded stable ‘Retribution.’

    Although a one-on-one rematch and “rubber match” between Drew and Bobby isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, there’s also the slight chance that WWE doesn’t go that route, most likely keeping the strap on Lashley and perhaps going with the highly requested dream match of Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam or a future pay-per-view. If this is indeed the case, the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ is going to need something to occupy his time with, and here we’ll be listing some possible scenarios that the two-time WWE Champion could find himself in.

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