Billed at 340lbs, the 35-year-old Texan has had multiple big moments in his WWE tenure so far, which much more almost definitely looming in the horizon. Let us not forget that when Keith Lee made his NXT television debut on the August 8th, 2018 edition of the WWE’s third brand and wouldn’t necessarily pick up much steam until his feud with Dominik Dijokovic started gaining traction with their insane series of matches, something we’ve never seen from the likes of two athletes their size. History has seemingly repeated itself, as Keith Lee’s main roster debut took off in an odd direction. A change in his music left fans baffled, more so angry, as even Lee himself tweeted that there’s not much for him to do about that. Another note that left fans in a frenzy was Keith Lee’s change in attire, as he was seen sporting trunks similar in nature to what Brock Lesnar wears and a singlet as well. The WWE Universe expressed their concerns vehemently of course throughout social media, yet the former NXT Champion was able to defeat Randy Orton on his pay-per-view debut in six minutes.

    While Keith Lee has been presented in top tier fashion since making his presence felt on Monday night’s, what exactly is in store for him? While Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio suggests that Randy Orton will be claiming the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre, then entering a championship feud with Keith Lee, perhaps it is too soon for him to be thrusted into the main event scene. Often times we’ve seen certain Superstars get pushed quickly into the limelight and the WWE Universe quickly turns sour towards said Superstar, and this is a case where I’d venture to guess that the majority of fans would like to see nothing but continued success for Mr. Lee’s future.

    Yet another concern that’s also worth mention is would it be necessary for Lee to feud with a potential WWE Championship should Randy Orton defeat Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions? It is very possible that Keith Lee could go on to rack up win after win against some of Raw’s biggest names, continuing to be paired up with some of WWE’s best so his stock continues to rise and once the time is right, pull the trigger on a full on championship feud and possible run for the former dual NXT champion perhaps best left as a WrestleMania or SummerSlam moment. While there’s seemingly not enough heels for Keith Lee to work with besides the likes of Seth Rollins or Randy Orton, perhaps a program with the recently crown United States Champion Bobby Lashley could make for some fun matches. However, the best is yet to come for Keith Lee, a major star in the making and someone who is sure to be a major player within the WWE locker room for the next several years to come, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store next and we’ll all enjoy the ride and bask in his glory.