The road to WrestleMania continues after a huge night at the 2021 Royal Rumble. In the main event of the evening, Edge became the third superstar in WWE history to win the Royal Rumble match entering from the number one spot, eliminating the number two entrant Randy Orton.

    The only question now is this: which championship will Edge choose to challenge for at WrestleMania 37? There are three choices, with one very doubtful due to the stage that Edge is in his career right now.

    NXT Championship
    (Currently held by Finn Balor)

    As doubtful as this is, a match between Edge and Finn Balor must be a dream match for many wrestling fans. Balor signed with WWE and began in NXT three years after Edge originally retired so there wasn’t much of a chance of the two facing off before. With Edge returning in the 2020 Royal Rumble match, the chance of Edge and Balor facing off has become even more likely, especially if Balor returns to the main roster in the future.

    Although it is doubtful for Edge to challenge Finn for the NXT Championship, a match between the two would no doubt be incredible and a match that many fans will be very excited to witness. Edge’s choice has never been so open and choosing the NXT Championship could open up avenues he’s never gone down before.

    WWE Universal Championship
    (Currently held by Roman Reigns)

    The next choice is a title that Edge has never held before, a title that didn’t even come into existence until five years after his original retirement. With the current champion Roman Reigns on the best run of his career with his current “Head of the Table” gimmick, a match with Edge would be pretty great television.

    Edge has had his run-ins with Paul Heyman in the past as back in 2002 when Edge and Heyman found themselves in the same ring as he challenged Heyman and then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in a Handicap match for the title. A feud between Edge and Roman could include other superstars, especially with Christian returning during the Royal Rumble match, with a possibility of Edge and Christian even battling Roman or the Jimmy and Jey Uso on the lead-up to the Show of Shows.

    Even without the “Head of the Table” gimmick, Edge and Roman could even come down to who has the better Spear, as both superstars use that as their finisher. The promos alone would be incredible television, with Edge, Roman and Heyman all having a war of words on the Road to WrestleMania, as long as Roman can keep hold of the title heading into the Show of Shows.

    WWE Championship
    (Currently held by Drew McIntyre)

    The final choice is a title that Edge has held four times before. With Drew on the run of his career, currently, in his second reign as WWE Champion, a match with Edge at WrestleMania would be huge for his career. Drew had only really started his WWE career when Edge retired back in 2011. They even faced off twice one month before Edge retired, with Edge coming out the victor both times.

    Edge and Drew have more in common than many people think. While not completely similar, their career paths haven’t been so different. While Edge was forced into an early retirement back in 2011, Drew McIntyre was released from the WWE in 2014. After his release, Drew worked his craft for the next three years before resigning with WWE to compete for the NXT brand, where he won the NXT Championship. Along with Edge, Drew is also a Royal Rumble winner, winning the match that Edge returned during in 2020.

    With this year’s WrestleMania once again happening over two days, the big question is which two matches will main event each day. With two Royal Rumble winners, I would book the two winners in the main event of each day. Day One should be main evented by Bianca Belair challenging Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Day Two main event by Edge challenging for whichever World title he chooses.

    With two Royal Rumble winners, it makes sense for both of them to headline WrestleMania.