The build for Wrestlemania 37 has been nothing short of abysmal. Admittedly the current COVID-19 pandemic probably hasn’t helped, but WWE has spent very little time developing storylines that will come to a head at Mania. However, we do have ourselves a mouth-watering main event to look forward to. The recently announced triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship is a proper Wrestlemania main event.

    It pits three superstars against each other who all have legitimate reasons regarding why they should be Universal Champion. Furthermore, it presents a matchup we as fans have never seen before, and that’s what Wrestlemania is all about.

    Having already examined the reasons why Daniel Bryan should be Universal Champion, it’s time to declare why Roman Reigns deserves to continue on his reign of terror post Mania.

    In the Form of His Career

    Roman Reigns has carried WWE on his back since his return at SummerSlam last year. Throughout his 200-plus day reign as Universal Champion, Reigns has been at the centre of everything good about Smackdown. His work as a heel has allowed him to shine like never before and become the face of the company. Right now there is arguably no one better than Roman Reigns in the world of professional wrestling.

    Roman Reigns

    The self-proclaimed Head of the Table currently opens and closes every episode of Smackdown. Despite his monster heel persona, Reigns is ultimately the main reason fans tune in. Stunning matches, compelling stories and a badass look. Reigns are WWE’s main man at the moment.

    While Edge and Bryan both make for worthy successors, having Roman Reigns leave Mania as champion is a scenario few could have complaints about. To add to this, if he were to overcome the two former world champions on “The Grandest Stage of All”, it would be a huge statement of intent demonstrating how strongly the company feel about Reigns as champion.

    There Are More Wrestlers He Should Face as Champion

    Since winning the Universal Title, Reigns has feuded with Jey Uso, Kevin Owens and now both Daniel Bryan and Edge. Each feud has been as entertaining as the last. This is down to Reigns ability to work effectively with whoever he shares the ring with.

    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

    Smackdown is currently filled with superstars who could all pose a real threat to Reigns should he retain at Mania. Cesaro is finally being pushed as a singles competitor, Shinsuke Nakamura still deserves a world championship run, and Big E is seemingly destined for big things after going solo.

    Fans would also love to see a feud between him and his former Shield brother Seth Rollins, given how much the two have changed in character since last facing off. However, the dream match everyone wants to see of course is Reigns vs The Rock. Despite holding the belt for over 200 days, it still feels like Reigns is just getting started.