Tag team wrestling plays second and in some cases even third fiddle in the major American promotions. One has a two or three tag teams vying for the gold, with the two major stables recently breaking up. The other has three or four tag teams, with the rest thrown together for storyline purposes. But, in the independent circuits and worldwide, tag team wrestling is at it’s apex, with many teams and stables putting on amazing matches. With the likes of RedDragon and The Addicition in ROH, The Worlds Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) and The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and TRENT?) in PWG, Bullet Club in NJPW – but amongst all those teams are one duo that are pretty much the best tag team on the planet right now, bar none. A team that the biggest promotion on the globe – the WWE, could use right now to revitalize their tag division. That team would be Matt and Nick Jackson; The Young Bucks.

    The Young Bucks are in the midst of their best year ever. Having several match of the year candidates (my particular favourite, the sick Guerilla Warfare match against Ryan & LaRae at PWG Eleven) and coming out of their shell personality wise. In a recent interview with Colt Cabana, they stated that they felt like they couldn’t be themselves a few years ago having just left TNA at ‘Generation Me’ and being handcuffed in a contract with ROH – so they decided to just do what they wanted. They exploded out in bright tie-dye and tassles, throwing up ‘too sweet’ kliq signs and crotch chopping aplenty – and throwing superkicks in bunches. This got them over…way over.

    They became regulars in NJPW after lead bookers Jado and Gedo we’re impressed with their high octane style. They joined forces with two other indie standouts, Adam Cole and now WWE talent Kevin Steen to form Mount Rushmore and winning the ROH tag team champions from RedDragon.

    So, why would the WWE need these two? We’ll just look at them; they are an upgraded Hardy Boyz – the tag team that lead the two on two renaissance in late 99, early 2000. Now, I am not saying they are the next Hardys, they are the first Young Bucks – but they are that high flying, risk takers that captivate a crowd. Their finisher alone (More Bang For Your Buck) would pop the live crowd so much. Imagine the air traffic control level matches they would have with The Uso’s, or a rough power vs speed encounter with Rowan and Harper (if they are ever back together or still together). They are also brilliant goofy heels, like an Edge and Christian – they are such nerds, you can see crowds not liking them, but loving their matches.

    They are also quite the PG tag-team. Despite the crotch chops (which to be fair, are half crotch chops a la Christian Shawn Michaels) – they don’t curse and they don’t flip people off – they are quite the clean, TV friendly heels. The charisma of them just being complete dicks radiates off the screen, and I feel it would translate onto WWE television.

    But don’t they need the WWE? Pure and simple, they got over by being themselves and if they went into the WWE system, they’d lose a lot of that shine. Springboard tombstone? (which needs to be seen to be believed) can’t do that – that’s Kane and Undertaker’s move. Crotch chops and too sweet? Nope that’s Shawn Michaels thing.

    The Young Bucks are already a premiere tag team in the second biggest promotion in the world, New Japan and in the two premiere independent promotions, PWG and ROH. Why would they want to compromise their act for what I would feel is a step to the side? The WWE should be clambering to get these two into their developmental system and build a tag team wrestling renaissance around these two, then slot a few of these teams into the main roster – boom, instant awesome tag division.

    Gold and Stardust
    Enzo and Big Cass
    Lucha Dragons
    Los Matadors
    Slater Gator (every division needs the whipping boys)

    Add the Young Bucks to that list, you’ve got an amazing new addition to your television programming. But they don’t need it – and that’s awesome. They’re already on a plateau far above many others on the indie scene, and to risk that for the WWE wouldn’t be worth it.

    If you are just a WWE fan, go out of your way to go watch a Young Bucks match. Trust me, after that – you’ll want them in the WWE machine too. The Young Bucks are so good, that they don’t need the WWE, but the WWE sure needs them.

    That’s a pretty awesome position to be in.

    What about you? Are you a fan of The Young Bucks? Do you think they’ll ever end up in WWE? Let me know.

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