WWE have made major edits to the WXW shows that have been added to the WWE Network, apparently due to allegations coming out of the “#SpeakingOut” movement on social media. WWE Network recently added the wXw Toronto 2019 show to the indie section but a Fatal 4 Way was removed due to allegations against one of the competitors.

    That card opened with Julian Pace vs. Cima vs. Daniel Makabe vs. Brent Banks, but the match was removed as Pace had allegations against him.

    The WWE Network also edited their version of the wXw Toronto 2019 show to remove an angle with David Starr and current WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER.

    Both Pace & Starr has multiple allegations put up against them, to the point where Starr was stripped of almost all of his championships in wrestling. Both of these matches that WWE removed are still available for viewing on the version of the event that is on wXw NOW streaming service.